Hello, hello, hello, testing 1,2,3

Barry Eric's promo picHey there!!  It’s been over 2 years since I last updated my website so I thought it was long over due that I posted an update!

I have been keeping very busy performing on Mathew Street in Liverpool playing in Rubber Soul and Eric’s every weekend at my residency, which I love so much!  I get to play to some fantastic audiences and get to meet some wonderful people.  I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to perform on the world famous Mathew Street, the place where The Beatles started off their musical Eric's Crowdjourney in Liverpool

Over the next few updates I aim to share with you some of the performances I have done in both Rubber Soul and Eric’s

The first video featured below was filmed in Rubber Soul, what a crowd, what a buzz, I really hope you enjoy the video and keep checking back for more updates


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